Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Bobbatlu/Bakshalu/Puran Poli - Indian Traditional Sweet dish


                      When our home is Filled with Near and Dear Friends It's almost like a festive Celebration...  . My mom makes them at those times....
                     Remembering that I made this Recipe once with my own Idea.... But its not a hit..    My mom's Surprise Secret is to knead the Dough with Oil which knows only to few.... This Makes the Highlight of the dish.
                    Bobbatlu is Traditional Indian Sweet Dish made at the times of Indian Festivals like Varalakshmi Vratham. It is Made as an Offering to God.

Preparation Time: 30min.
Makes -30


Bengal Gram/Pachi Senaga Pappu - 1/2kg
Maida/All purpose Flour - 1/2 kg
Grated Jaggery - 300g
Salt  - 1/2 tbsp
Grated Coconut - 4tbsp
Elachi Powder - 2tbsp
Gasagasalu/Poppy Seeds/Khus-Khus - 1tbsp
Oil - 1cup/100ml.

My Mom's Method Of Making:

1. In a bowl place Maida,1tbsp of Salt.With the Help of water Knead it well till you get the Consistency Of Chapathi Dough.Rest it for 1/2 hr.

For Poornams/Chana Stuffing :

2. Pressure Cook Bengal Gram with a little amount of water (about 1glass),along with a pinch of Salt upto 2 Whistles.(the pulses should be able to break when you touch with the fingers)

3. Pressure Off Bengal Gram, drain the water.

4. In a Blender add Grated Jaggery,Poppy Seeds,Elachi Powder,Pinch of salt,Grated Coconut,poppy seeds (Khus- Khus) and Boiled Bengal Gram.Blend the mixture to a thick paste.  Make them into small Lemon-sized round balls.

For Dough :

5. Now Knead the dough (prepared in step1) by slowly adding 1cup of oil. Knead well till the Dough absorbs the Oil.

6. Now make Small balls in the size of small Lemon size /Gooseberry with oiled Hands.

7. On a Plastic sheet apply some oil Flatten each ball into thin Rounded circles of 3" disc/diameter

8. Place the Chana Stuffed Balls (Poornam) in the center of the disc. Gently fold all the edges of the dough to the center to cover the stuffing as shown.

                                See How Gorgeous they are ...!! Looks like Big Fatty pearls dropped down from sky Showers...... :)

9.  Now on other Greased Leaf/ Plastic cover flatten them with the fingers gently so that chana Stuffing wont come outside into 6" disc..

10. Place them on hot tawa under medium Flame. Drizzle little Ghee/ Clarified butter over the Top. Let them sit for 2 seconds.  Toss them to the Other side again drizzle half spoon of ghee..

11. Wait till you get little brown spots on them ...  Turn off the Flame.

                                         This is One of my Dad's Best Favorite Sweet dish...

                                                Serve it with a blob of Ghee over the Top..
                                Piping hot Bobbatlu under with blob of ghee over the top makes it melts Through the way..... An amazing experience One must have....