Thursday, 31 January 2013

Gutti Kakarakaya/Karela / Stuffed bitter gourd


                                    At the Age of Schooling I remember many of my friends including me don't like Bitter - gourd because of its bitter and sour taste. If anyone of my friends brings the bitter - gourd curry she skips her day meal and we start sharing our food among us....  Whenever I remember those incidents I feel soo.... Fresh. Really recollecting those memories gives you immense pleasure..

                               But bitter - gourd is very healthy for diabetes people... It helps as a good remedy to cure some of the diseases..

                              The Bitterness of This vegetables are balanced with spicy and tangy flavors of Tamarind ,Jaggery and Onions.

Preparation Time : 30 min
Serves - 4


1/2 kg Bitter gourd/kakarakaya
Dry/Fresh grated coconut - 1/4 cup
4 Medium size Onions (Sliced)
Red chilli powder - 3tbsp
Jaggery - 2 tbps /25gm
Coriander Seeds - 2tbsp
Salt - 3tbsp /As per your taste
2 tbsp Tamarind Paste
Oil as required


1. Wash and peel the Bitter gourd.

2. In thick bottom vessel Boil the Bitter gourd pieces along with 2cups of water, pinch of salt and Tamarind Extract. This process helps to remove Bitterness from Bitter gourds.Cook for about 10 min till the Pieces are cooked to three-forth. Drain them and keep the pieces aside.

3. In a blender add grated coconut,Coriander seeds,Red chilli powder,salt,jaggery blend them into rough paste.

4. With 2tbsp of oil in kadai fry finely sliced onions for a minute.Add Blended Paste cook for another minute. Remove from kadai let it cool.

5. Make a Slit to Boiled Bitter gourd Pieces length- wise and scoop out the seeds. Stuff the paste into the Pieces.

6. Tie the pieces with the help of Thread length- wise,so that stuff do not come outside while Frying.


7. In a wide pan place 3tbsp of Oil and Stuffed Tied Bitter Gourd Pieces. Fry them under Low Flame for 15 min with closed Lid. Let the Pieces Fry well.

8. When the bitter gourds are cooked enough Turn off the Flame .

                                  Peel off the Tied Threads and Serve with Steamed Rice