Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Sorakaya /Bottle Gourd Raita

                      We can make different types of raita's. Sorakaya raita is one among them .This is one of the best raita I have received in a long time.I am bored with routine tempered yogurt with onions.Today i tried a different one without onions.With this raita you can feel the softness in each bite by chewing grated bottle gourd. Do you want to enjoy the taste then add this to your cookbook and Don't forget to give it a try when you make some Spiced Rice / Biryani. But don't forget to remove the seeds when you grate the Bottle gourd.


Yogurt - 1cup
Salt - 1 1/4 tbsp
Green chillies - 3
Grated Bitter gourd - 3/4 cup
Dried Red chillies - 2
Curry leaves - 4
Mustard seeds - 1tbsp
Oil - 1tbsp


1. Wash the bitter gourd .Peel off the skin and grate into medium sized thin strips.

2. Blend green chillies into fine paste.

3. In a mixing bowl beat the yogurt and add green chilli paste.

4. Squeeze the grated bitter gourd to remove the moisture from them and add it to the yogurt. Add Salt.


1. In a pan add 1tbsp of oil heat under medium flame. Once oil gets enough heat place mustard seeds let them pop.

2. Break the red chillies into 3 pieces add it to the pan. After 2 seconds turn off the flame. Now add Curry leaves.

3. Transfer this to the yogurt.Adjust the salt. Serve it cool.

                             This cools down your palate with a spicy rice/ Biryani.